Hot Rolled Water-Stop U-Shaped Steel Sheet Pile

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A U-shaped steel sheet pile is a type of steel piling that has a cross-sectional shape resembling the letter “U”. It is commonly used in civil engineering and construction projects for various applications, such as retaining walls, cofferdams, foundation support, and waterfront structures.

The detail of a U-shaped steel sheet pile typically includes the following specifications:

Dimensions: The size and dimensions of the steel sheet pile, such as the length, width, and thickness, are specified according to the project requirements.

Cross-sectional properties: Key properties of the U-shaped steel sheet pile include the area, moment of inertia, section modulus, and weight per unit length. These properties are crucial for calculating the structural design and stability of the pile.

  • Steel Grade: S275,S355,S390,S430,SY295,SY390,ASTM A690
  • Production standard: EN10248,EN10249,JIS5528,JIS5523,ASTM
  • Certificates: ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001,CE FPC
  • Payment Term: 30%TT+70%
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    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile (2)



    1. Size 1) 400*100 - 600*210MM
    2)Wall Thickness:10.5-27.6MM
    3) U type sheet pile
    2. Standard: JIS A5523, JIS A5528
    3.Material SY295, SY390, S355
    4. Location of our factory Shandong,China
    5. Usage: 1)earth-retaining wall
    2)structure construction
    6. Coating: 1) Bared2) Black Painted (varnish coating)3) galvanized
    7. Technique: hot rolled
    8. Type: U type sheet pile
    9. Section Shape: U
    10. Inspection: Client inspection or inspection by 3rd party.
    11. Delivery: Container, Bulk Vessel.
    12. About Our Quality: 1) No damage, no bent2) Free for oiled&marking3) All goods can be checked by third party inspection before shipment
    metal sheet pile
    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile
    Section Width Height Thickness Cross Sectional Area Weight Elastic Section Modulus Moment of Inertia Coating Area (both sides per pile)
    (w) (h) Flange (tf) Web (tw) Per Pile Per Wall
    mm mm mm mm cm2/m kg/m kg/m2 cm3/m cm4/m m2/m
    Type II 400 200 10.5 - 152.9 48 120 874 8,740 1.33
    Type III 400 250 13 - 191.1 60 150 1,340 16,800 1.44
    Type IIIA 400 300 13.1 - 186 58.4 146 1,520 22,800 1.44
    Type IV 400 340 15.5 - 242 76.1 190 2,270 38,600 1.61
    Type VL 500 400 24.3 - 267.5 105 210 3,150 63,000 1.75
    Type IIw 600 260 10.3 - 131.2 61.8 103 1,000 13,000 1.77
    Type IIIw 600 360 13.4 - 173.2 81.6 136 1,800 32,400 1.9
    Type IVw 600 420 18 - 225.5 106 177 2,700 56,700 1.99
    Type VIL 500 450 27.6 - 305.7 120 240 3,820 86,000 1.82

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    Section Modulus Range

    Width Range (single)

    Thickness Range

    Production Standards
    ​BS EN 10249 Part 1 & 2

    ​Steel Grades​
    SY295, SY390 & S355GP for Type II to Type VIL

    S240GP, S275GP, S355GP & S390 for VL506A to VL606K

    27.0m maximum

    Standard Stock Lengths of 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m

    Delivery Options
    Single or Pairs

    Pairs either loose, welded or crimped

    Lifting Hole

    By container (11.8m or less) or Break Bulk

    Corrosion Protection Coatings


    1. High strength: U-shaped steel sheet piles are made from high-quality steel, which provides excellent strength and stiffness. This allows them to withstand heavy loads, soil pressures, and water pressures.

    2. Versatility: 500 x 200 u sheet pile can be used in a wide range of applications, including retaining walls, cofferdams, and foundation support. They are also suitable for use in both permanent and temporary structures.

    3. Efficient installation: These sheet piles are designed with interlocking systems that enable quick and efficient installation. The interlocking system allows the piles to be connected together tightly, ensuring stability and preventing soil or water leakage.

    4. Excellent durability: U-shaped steel sheet piles are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them suitable for long-term use in various environments. They can also be coated or treated for enhanced durability and corrosion protection.

    5. Easy maintenance: Maintenance for U-shaped steel sheet piles is typically minimal. Any necessary repairs or maintenance can often be performed without the need for extensive excavation or disruption to surrounding structures.

    6. Cost-effective: U-shaped steel sheet piles offer a cost-effective solution for many construction projects. They provide a long service life, require minimal maintenance, and their installation can be efficient, allowing for potential cost savings.

    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile (4)


    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile (5)

     have a wide range of applications in various industries and construction projects. Some of the common applications include:

    Retaining walls: U-shaped steel sheet piles are extensively used for constructing retaining walls to support soil or water pressure. They provide stability and prevent soil erosion, making them suitable for infrastructure projects such as bridge abutments, underground parking structures, and waterfront developments.

    Cofferdams and cut-off walls: U-shaped steel sheet piles are used to build temporary or permanent cofferdams in water bodies. They create a barrier to dewater an area, allowing construction activities to take place without water infiltration. They are also used as cut-off walls to block water flow and control groundwater levels in construction sites.

    Deep foundation systems: U-shaped steel sheet piles are utilized as a part of deep foundation systems, such as combined walls and slurry walls, to support excavations and stabilize soils. They can act as a temporary or permanent solution, depending on the project requirements.

    Flood protection: U-shaped steel sheet piles are employed to prevent flooding in low-lying areas. They can be installed along riverbanks, shores, or coastal areas to provide reinforcement and resistance against water flow, protecting surrounding infrastructure and properties.

    Marine structures: U-shaped steel sheet piles are widely used in the construction of various marine structures, including seawalls, breakwaters, jetties, and ferry terminals. They provide stability and protect against erosion caused by waves and currents in coastal areas.

    Underground structures: U-shaped steel sheet piles are used to stabilize excavations for below-ground structures like basements, underground parking garages, and tunnels. They provide temporary or permanent support to prevent soil collapse and ensure safety during construction.



     securely: Arrange the U-shaped sheet piles in a neat and stable stack, ensuring that they are aligned properly to prevent any instability. Use strapping or banding to secure the stack and prevent shifting during transportation.

    Use protective packaging materials: Wrap the stack of sheet piles with a moisture-resistant material, such as plastic or waterproof paper, to protect them from exposure to water, humidity, and other environmental elements. This will help prevent rust and corrosion.


    Choose a suitable mode of transportation: Depending on the quantity and weight of the pile sheeting the appropriate mode of transportation, such as flatbed trucks, containers, or ships. Consider factors like distance, time, cost, and any regulatory requirements for transportation.

    Use appropriate lifting equipment: To load and unload the U-shaped steel sheet piles, use suitable lifting equipment such as cranes, forklifts, or loaders. Ensure that the equipment used has sufficient capacity to handle the weight of the sheet piles safely.

    Secure the load: Properly secure the packaged stack of sheet piles on the transportation vehicle using strapping, bracing, or other suitable means to prevent shifting, sliding, or falling during transit.

    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile (7)
    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile (6)


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    5. Service: A large steel company that integrates customization, transportation and production
    6. Price competitiveness: reasonable price

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    Hot rolled U-shaped steel sheet pile (9)


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    Our usual payment term is 30% deposit, and rest against B/L. EXW, FOB,CFR, CIF.

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    Yes absolutely we accept.

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